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Latif Al Jaidah
A. Latif Mohd I Jaidah

Abdullatif Mohamed Al Jaidah is a distinguished professional with over 35 years of comprehensive experience in the realms of technology and communications.

A key figure in the establishment of the Jaidah Group, he has played a pivotal role in steering the company towards sustainable profitability and long-term expansion.

His career, which spans several decades, has equipped him with a broad spectrum of skills, driving the growth of the company in recent years and contributing to Qatar's economic development. An expert in IT security and risk management, Mr. Al Jaidah possesses deep knowledge in the deployment of tech and communication infrastructures.

Appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, his extensive experience and leadership are invaluable assets to the company.

Mr. Al Jaidah holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from La Salle University in Louisiana, USA, complemented by a Diploma in Computer Studies from the College of Technology in Qatar, underscoring his solid foundation and expertise in his field.

Tariq Al Jaidah
Vice Chairman
Tariq Mohd I Aljaidah

Tariq Al-Jaidah is a pioneering Qatari businessman renowned for his extensive contributions to the advertising and public relations industry, significantly influencing his family's diverse business ventures.

With a remarkable career that begun in 1993, Tariq has been at the forefront of merging traditional business acumen with innovative marketing strategies as the Managing Partner of Fortune Promo seven.

Under his leadership, Fortune Promo seven rose to prominence as the 57th largest advertising and communication organization globally and the premier group in the MENA region, earning the title of the most distinguished agency in the Middle East by 2000.
His entrepreneurial spirit further manifested through strategic partnerships, notably with Gulf Space International, Qatar's first media house, and the Creative Communication Group, orchestrating major events like the Qatar Cultural Festival.

Furthermore, Tariq's vision led to the creation of the House of Art, an unprecedented arts center dedicated to Qatar's cultural enrichment. Today, he steers Al Jaidah Brothers Co. alongside various other ventures that add to the Al Jaidah family legacy.

Tariq holds a degree in Mass Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations from Texas Wesleyan University, underscoring his profound understanding of the field and commitment to excellence in both the private and government sectors.

Zeyad Al Jaidah
Board Member
Zeyad Mohamed I Al- Jaidah

With almost three decades of expertise in both mechanical and civil engineering, Mr. Zeyad Al Jaidah is the Managing Director at Techno Q and a visionary leader committed to propelling the company’s growth across new and existing markets. His innovative strategies and dynamic leadership have been pivotal in driving both organic and strategic expansion throughout the region.

Before dedicating his focus to Techno Q, Mr. Al Jaidah honed his skills as a maintenance engineer at QAPCO and as a design engineer with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment of the State of Qatar (previously known as the Ministry of Municipality and Agriculture).

He is an alumnus of Lamar University, Texas, USA, where he earned his degree in mechanical engineering.

Abdulla Alansari
Board Member
Abdulla Mohdshafeea M H Al-Ansari

Mr. Abdulla Al Ansari stands as a distinguished senior leader whose expertise spans across various technology and industry realms, masterfully navigating the complexities of transformational initiatives. His track record shines in developing secure, commercially sound digital solutions that align with multifaceted business objectives. Renowned for his adeptness in overseeing complex IT portfolios, Mr. Abdulla excels in implementing hybrid methodologies and sourcing strategies seamlessly.

Since 1995, he has been at the helm of the Company as Chief Executive Officer, bringing with him a wealth of experience from his former role as Head of QAPCO.

Mohamed Ibrahim Al Jaidah
Board Member
Mohamed Ibrahim M I Jaidah

Mr. Mohamed stands as a forward-thinking leader whose life and career have spanned the Middle East and North America. His eclectic expertise and adeptness in navigating multicultural spaces stem from his rich background working alongside individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

His proficiency encompasses not only exceptional business negotiation capabilities but also comprehensive knowledge in accounting, finance, strategic planning, and business development.

His entrepreneurial spirit and acute business acumen led him to co-found a start-up in Berkeley, California, where he played a pivotal role in securing Series A funding. Mr. Mohamed is driven by a profound aspiration to contribute to Qatar's emergence as a global frontrunner in sectors including sports, health, education, tourism, and as a beacon for investment, setting a competitive stance on the world stage.

Mr. Mohamed’s educational foundation is equally impressive, holding a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus on Business Administration and Entrepreneurship from Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Ahmad Abdulla Al Abdulla
Board Member
Ahmad Abdulla A Al-Abdulla

Mr. Ahmad serves as an esteemed non-executive independent director of our company. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Miami, followed by a Master of Science in the same field from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

With an impressive career spanning over three decades, Mr. Ahmad is esteemed in the realms of project management and real estate. He presently excels as the Managing Director at Grenada Lighting. His extensive background includes pivotal roles such as the Chief Procurement and Project Officer at Qatar Airways, the Acting Group CEO of Barwa Real Estate WLL, and the Chief Technical Officer at Tanween W.L.L., among others.

Nasser Hassan Faraj Hashem Al Ansari Board Member
Nasser Hassan Faraj Hashem Al-Ansari

A visionary leader in Driving Economic Development Through Engineering Excellence

Eng. Nasser Al-Ansari is a pioneering figure in Qatar's journey towards economic diversification and sustainable development. With a profound belief in the power of the private sector, Al-Ansari has dedicated his career to shaping the future of Qatar in alignment with the Qatar National Vision 2030.
Born with a passion for engineering, Al-Ansari pursued his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the prestigious University of Miami. Recognizing the importance of blending technical expertise with business acumen, he furthered his education with an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from HEC Paris, equipping himself with a comprehensive skill set.
Throughout his distinguished career, Al-Ansari has held several key leadership positions, leaving an indelible mark on Qatar's infrastructure landscape. Notably, his contributions to high-profile projects in Qatar, such as the Hamad International Airport and Hamad Port, have been instrumental. Serving as a member and chairman of the technical committee. Al-Ansari played a pivotal role in overseeing these projects, demonstrating his strategic vision and technical expertise, In addition to a pivotal role in establishing and developing Lusail city and overseeing the development of Al Qataifiya Lake project, in addition to other infrastructure projects worth up to 180 billion, from designing to implementation.
Al-Ansari has also served as the Assistant Undersecretary for Project Development Affairs at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture, where he focused on initiatives to enhance Qatar's urban infrastructure.
As the CEO of Qatari Diar, a leading real estate company, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of QDVC, a strategic partnership between Qatari Diar and Vinci, a French conglomerate. These roles underscore his ability to drive organizational growth and foster collaborative partnerships for sustainable development.
In addition to his corporate endeavors, Al-Ansari has been actively involved in professional organizations, including the Qatar Society of Engineers and the Project Management Institute (PMI), where he continues to contribute his expertise and insights to the field of engineering and project management. Al-Ansari's journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and his relentless pursuit of a prosperous future for Qatar. His leadership, vision, and dedication have not only transformed the infrastructure landscape of Qatar but have also inspired a new generation of leaders to strive for greatness in engineering and economic development.


Hesham Ismaeel Abdulrahman Board Member
Hesham Ismaeel A M Abdulrahman

Mr. Hesham is an esteemed entrepreneur with a distinguished career spanning over two decades across crucial sectors including real estate, investment, and energy. As the Vice Chairman/CEO of Al-Wessil Holding, along with roles such as Chairman of Uranus Real Estate Development Company, West Walk Real Estate, Alliance Business Center, and Blyth Academy Qatar, he has demonstrated unparalleled leadership and a keen strategic vision.

Leveraging his vast experience in highly competitive markets, Mr. Hesham has been instrumental in the inception and growth of various impactful projects and corporations across the Gulf region, Asia, and Europe. His adeptness in identifying high-caliber investment opportunities and mobilizing resources from governments, financial institutions, and construction entities has been pivotal to his success.

In the realm of real estate development, he has been the driving force behind several landmark projects, including the Alwessil Project (formerly known as Energy City Qatar), Qatar Entertainment City, Aljawhara Green, and West Walk Qatar. His academic credentials include a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, Kingsville, Texas, USA, underscoring his deep technical expertise and commitment to continuous learning.