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Landmark Shopping Mall, a premier retail destination in Gharaffa, Doha, embarked on a significant project to overhaul its fire detection and suppression systems following a fire incident within the complex. With an objective to strengthen safety measures for its patrons and preserve the integrity of its extensive range of international brands and facilities, the mall management contracted Techno Q to implement state-of-the-art fire safety solutions.

Location: Gharaffa, Doha

Facility: Landmark Shopping Mall

Project Title: Fire Alarm and Detection System Installation

  • To ensure the highest level of fire safety for shoppers and employees.
  • To replace the dated fire detection system with advanced technology following a fire incident.
  • To minimize potential future fire-related damages to property and merchandise.
  • To enhance emergency responsiveness through cutting-edge fire detection capabilities.

Landmark Shopping Mall is a luxury shopping center known for its expansive array of global brands, an entertainment complex, and a newly established Carrefour hypermarket. The mall spans over 40,000 square meters and serves as a central hub for high-end retail in the region.

However, after a fire caused significant damage to one of its outlets, the mall faced the necessity of upgrading its fire safety systems not only to recover from the incident but also to prevent similar occurrences in the future. This case study details the strategic partnership with Techno Q, the chosen contractor, and the implementation of the highly reputed and technologically sophisticated Gamewell-FCI system.

  • Client: Landmark Shopping Mall
  • Contractor: Techno Q
  • Techno Q Project Manager: Roland Obeid
  • End Users: Landmark Mall shoppers and employees

Techno Q recognized the critical need for a reliable and technologically advanced solution to address Landmark Mall’s objectives. The contractor proposed the integration of the Gamewell-FCI fire alarm and detection system, a product notable for its esteemed approval by UL Laboratory as per UL 846, 9th Edition standards. The following were the key components of the installed fire safety system:

  • Advanced fire alarm control units linked to the central security room for efficient monitoring.
  • A comprehensive network consisting of 18km of cables to ensure coverage across the mall’s extensive area.
  • Strategically placed Duct Smoke Detectors within all air conditioning ducts to swiftly detect smoke and impede incident escalation.

The project undertaken by Techno Q followed a meticulous plan with careful consideration for minimally disrupting mall operations. The award date marked the project’s commencement in November 2007, and the execution phase spanned until the completion date in May 2008. Techno Q adeptly took on the role of contractor, with Roland Obeid managing the project to fruition.

Post installation, the Landmark Shopping Mall now boasts a robust fire detection and suppression system that meets international safety standards and boasts the following benefits:

  • Averted financial loss through early detection, limiting damage to property and merchandise.
  • Increased shopper confidence with visible improvements in safety measures.
  • Enhanced staff training and emergency preparedness.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring the well-being of all mall occupants.

Post installation, the Landmark Shopping Mall now boasts a robust fire detection and suppression system that meets international safety standards and boasts the following benefits:

  • Averted financial loss through early detection, limiting damage to property and merchandise.
  • Increased shopper confidence with visible improvements in safety measures.
  • Enhanced staff training and emergency preparedness.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring the well-being of all mall occupants.

Integrated CCTV Security Solution

RasGas Workshop Building

RasGas, a world-leading liquefied natural gas (LNG) company, demands the highest standards of security for its facilities. The Ras Laffan North Field plant is no exception. To safeguard this critical infrastructure, RasGas enlisted Techno Q to design and implement a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system for their new workshop building. This case study explores the objectives, process, and outcomes of this project.

  • Project – RasGas new workshop
  • Industry – Oil & Gas
  • Award Date – June 2008
  • Completion Date – January 2009
  • Role in Contract – Contractor
  • Location – Ras Laffan
  • Techno Q Project Manager – Kalr Blume
  • Client – RasGas
  • Equipment – Video Marine Explosion Poof, camera housing,
    GE Fiber optical transceivers, WFC Tilted Camera Poles, AMP/Interconnect Fiber cables and Equipment

The primary objective was to install a cutting-edge CCTV System within the new workshop building while integrating it seamlessly with the pre-existing surveillance infrastructure. This system required to cover the periphery of the workshop building, using Motorized Zoom cameras in explosion-proof housing mounted on robust six-meter tilt-type towers. The goal was to create a robust and resilient CCTV network transmitting high-quality video and control signals for real-time monitoring and heightened security.

  • Ensuring the CCTV solution adhered to the rigorous safety standards demanded by the oil and gas industry, particularly within explosive environments.
  • Integration of the new CCTV system with the existing network in place at the RasGas facilities.
  • Transmission of high-quality video signals over considerable distances without compromise, accommodating the expansive spread of the Ras Laffan North Field plant.

Techno Q successfully designed and installed an advanced CCTV system tailored to the special requirements of the oil and gas sector. The system comprised:

  • Motorized Zoom cameras encased in Video Marine explosion-proof housings to withstand the rigorous conditions of the oil and gas environment.
  • High-quality GE Fiber optical transceivers to ensure reliable long-distance signal transmission.
  • WFC Tilted Camera Poles that provided the necessary elevation and stability for the cameras.
  • Durable fiber cables from AMP/Interconnect ensured seamless transmission of video and control signals to the server room and central control room.
  • The integration of the new CCTV system with the existing setup allowed for comprehensive coverage of RasGas’s workshop building periphery. The technology implemented enabled clear, uninterrupted footage essential for security personnel to effectively monitor and act upon any security breaches.

    Furthermore, the ability to house the Motorized Zoom cameras within explosion-proof fixtures granted a greater degree of flexibility and safety to the surveillance system, making it a reliable security asset for RasGas.

    The successful completion of this project within the specified time frame and on budget reflects Techno Q’s expertise in providing specialized security solutions that align with industry standards and client needs.

  • For RasGas, the implementation of the enhanced CCTV system by Techno Q represents a considerable advancement in their security capabilities. The newly equipped workshop has set a benchmark for safety within the North Field plant, emphasizing RasGas’s commitment to maintaining secure operations in one of the world’s most delicate industrial sectors.

    This case study demonstrates Techno Q’s capability in delivering complex and specialized security solutions that meet the stringent demands of the oil and gas industry while integrating advanced technologies to ensure uninterrupted surveillance and safety for vital installations.

W Hotel - Symphony of Technology

Luxury Hospitality

The W Doha Hotel & Residences has redefined luxury in the heart of Doha with its blend of modern design, innovative hospitality technology, and exceptional service since its inauguration in 2009. The project, helmed by Techno Q, focused on the integration of sophisticated audiovisual and hospitality systems to elevate guests’ experiences seamlessly throughout their stay.

  • Project Overview

    • Project: W Doha Hotel Audiovisual and Hospitality System Implementation
    • Industry: Hospitality
    • Award Date: December 2007
    • Completion Date: October 2008
    • Role in Contract: Subcontractor
    • Location: West Bay, Doha
    • Techno Q Project Manager: Andrew Varas
    • Client: Multiplex
  • The primary aim was to create a technological infrastructure that reflects W Hotel’s dedication to elegance and innovation. This involved:

  • Deploying a robust Hospitality System backbone incorporating Opera and MICROS solutions for seamless booking, catering services, and sales operations.

  • Developing state-of-the-art audiovisual systems that complement the hotel’s aesthetic while delivering superior sound and visual fidelity across various spaces.

The W Hotel, synonymous with contemporary living and avant-garde interior design, required a technological partner that understood the intricacies of integrating cutting-edge solutions without disrupting the hotel’s unique ambiance. Attention to detail and a bespoke approach were paramount to maintain the integrity of the design and functionality that the W brand represents.

Techno Q adopted a holistic method, working closely with the W Hotel design team to ensure synchronization between technology and interiors, particularly in the iconic WOW Suites.


Key Features Implemented

  • Hospitality System: Opera PMS for property management, Opera Sales & Catering for event planning, and MICROS as the point of sale solution.
  • Audiovisual Equipment: Customized installation of JBL speakers, Creston control systems, Extron connectors, BSS London Blu signal processors, and Crown amplifiers.
  • Multimedia Integration: Equip the nightclub with a professional-standard DJ station and multimedia rooms with high-quality visual and audio capabilities.
  • Room Personalization: Inclusion of LCD Flat Panel Televisions and iPod docking stations along with zonal music system controls from the spa area to the Crystal Lounge.

W Hotel now boasts an unparalleled experience in which the technology fades into the fabric of the hotel, offering intuitive and frictionless interactions for guests.

Outcomes Highlighted

  • A seamless operational flow across property management, event catering, and point of sale thanks to the integrated Opera and MICROS systems.
  • Positive guest feedback on the multimedia experience in both public spaces and private rooms, validating the audiovisual investment.
  • The hotel has set a benchmark for luxury hospitality with personalized guest technology experiences.

Maintaining an aesthetically coherent design while installing high-tech equipment required meticulous planning and skilled execution. Techno Q had to innovate custom solutions to fit the equipment within the designated spaces without compromising the hotel’s design language.

The success of the W Hotel project is a testament to the power of collaborative between technology providers and design teams. With careful consideration and expert execution, Techno Q delivered a hospitality experience that encapsulates the spirit of luxury, performance, and comfort.

  • Techno Q Contact: Andrew Varas
  • Audiovisual Brands Utilized: JBL, Creston, Extron, Panasonic, BSS London Blu, Crown
  • Hospitality Systems Used: Opera PMS, Opera Sales & Catering, MICROS

For guests who choose to indulge in the luxury of the W Doha Hotel & Residences, the union of technology and design provides an ambiance that is as sophisticated as it is inviting—an urban oasis crafted for the modern traveler, powered by the vision of Techno Q.


Networking Infrastructure by Techno Q

ZUBLIN, a leading German contractor renowned for its exceptional work in construction and civil engineering, embarked on a significant expansion into Qatar. This case study examines the objectives, challenges, and successes of deploying a robust networking infrastructure at ZUBLIN’s offices in Doha—enabling seamless communication and reliable data management for up to five hundred employees.

  • Subject: ZUBLIN OFFICES Networking Infrastructure
  • Objectives: To provide a high-performance networking solution for voice, video, and data transmission for ZUBLIN’s new office premises in Doha, capable of handling significant traffic while allowing scalability for future needs.
  • Industry: Corporate
  • Award Date: June 2008
  • Completion Date: September 2008
  • Role in Contract: Subcontractor
  • Location: D ring Road, Doha
  • Project Manager (Techno Q): Chadi Merhi
  • Client: Structurel Qatar

With the appointment of major projects in Qatar, ZUBLIN needed a state-of-the-art networking system for its new offices that could sustain the high demand of its expanded employee base. The primary challenge was to implement a solution that not only provided immediate, high-speed transmission but also flexibility to accommodate growth and advancements in technology.

Techno Q, an established provider of integrated technology solutions, was selected to design and install ZUBLIN’s networking infrastructure. They opted for CAT 6 AMP/Netconnect Cables, known for their longevity and reliable performance. Here’s an overview of the equipment used:

  • Networking Solution: CAT 6 AMP/Netconnect Cables
  • Equipment Details:
  • Patch Panel CAT 6
  • CAT 6 cables
  • Jack cables CAT 6
  • Faceplate

Key to the installation’s success was the precise termination and thorough testing conducted by Techno Q’s professionals, ensuring optimum functionality and the ability to adapt to future changes in data traffic.

The Techno Q team delivered a scalable, reliable, and high-speed networking infrastructure, completed within the set timeframe. This system has allowed ZUBLIN to operate at full capacity with the confidence that their data and communication systems are efficient and future-proof.

This case study showcases Techno Q’s capacity to provide cutting-edge networking solutions tailored to the growing needs of global companies like ZUBLIN. By leveraging quality materials and skilled execution, they’ve installed a structured cabling solution that performs well under peak demand—a critical component to the company’s ongoing success in the region.


Audiovisual Installation Project

The Gulf Tower Project represents a hallmark endeavor undertaken by Techno Q to deliver a state-of-the-art audiovisual system for a prestigious commercial tower complex located in Doha, Qatar. The case study outlines the objectives, challenges, and solutions provided by Techno Q as a subcontractor below the tight timeline demanded by the Ministry of Finance & Economy, the client.

Project Name: Gulf Tower

Industry: Commercial Tower

Award Date: November 2003

Completion Date: May 2004

Role in Contract: Subcontractor

Location: Doha, Qatar

Techno Q Project Manager: Ibrahim Sa’ad

Client: Ministry of Finance & Economy

In November 2003, Techno Q was appointed as the subcontractor responsible for installing an advanced audiovisual system within Gulf Tower, a landmark high-rise building located at the heart of Qatar’s financial district. This project aimed to outfit the high-profile tower with multimedia infrastructure to serve a variety of purposes, from everyday business operations to large-scale conferences.

The Gulf Tower installation focused on multiple key objectives:

  • High-End AV Equipment Installation: Equipment included were multimedia projectors, motorized projection screens, projector lifts, routers and switchers, computer interfaces, ceiling-mount visualizers, control systems, lighting controllers, loudspeakers, amplifiers, radio microphones, videoconferencing equipment, and multimedia lecterns & desks.
  • Complex System Design: A highly complex audiovisual system designed to meet very high standards in terms of application, functionality, and connectivity.
  • Efficient Project Management and Execution: The project required swift completion due to the client’s urgency to move into the new building.
  • Multifunctional Room Outfitting: The focus was on different room types – training classrooms, meeting rooms, multipurpose rooms, conference rooms, and a 317-seat auditorium.

Techno Q faced several challenges:

  • Time Constraints: The project needed to be completed on an urgent basis. Our solution involved pre-making interconnections and preparing all equipment setups and programming off-site to minimize on-site work.
  • Multi-Trades Coordination: The scope included civil and decoration works, intensifying the need for intricate planning and coordination with multiple trades. Through skilled management, Techno Q successfully coordinated efforts, ensuring swift and seamless project progression.
  • Installment Complexity: With a wide range of audiovisual tools and complex customer requirements, Techno Q had to deploy top-notch expertise in AV installations. This was facilitated by employing highly skilled professionals and using cutting-edge technology.

The project was successfully completed in May 2004. The Gulf Tower’s installation of audiovisual equipment catered to every aspect of the commercial tower’s requirements. Through meticulous planning, expert management, and advanced technological solutions, Techno Q delivered a project that not only met but exceeded the Ministry of Finance & Economy’s expectations.

The Gulf Tower audiovisual system installation is a testament to Techno Q’s dedication to excellence in implementing sophisticated systems within a stringent deadline. The project underlines Techno Q’s capacity to perform detailed project management, coordination, and technical proficiency in large-scale commercial ventures.


Advanced Audiovisual System

This case study explores the strategic implementation of a robust and versatile audiovisual solution within the state-of-the-art Qatar Financial Centre Tower. The project demonstrates Techno Q’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge presentation and conferencing systems tailored to the unique needs of a high-profile commercial business environment.

Opened in April 2017, the Qatar Financial Centre Tower is a hub of activity for government bodies and the private sector alike. The presentation of a modern and best-in-class business environment directly impacts the success of these organizations. Recognizing this, Techno Q undertook the ambitious project of equipping the tower’s nine conference rooms with premier audiovisual technology to support a multitude of business functions.

  • To provide a versatile and user-friendly audiovisual system suitable for multiple applications including video/audio conferencing, lectures, and presentations.
  • To design a solution that aligns with the specific characteristics of each room, such as layout, seating, usage, and lighting.
  • To ensure the system is future-proof, facilitating subsequent expansions or upgrades.
  • To deliver comprehensive training sessions to the Qatar Financial Centre Tower’s IT and support staff for maximizing system utility.

Techno Q meticulously evaluated several potential solutions before integrating a state-of-the-art audiovisual system. Each aspect was designed to complement and enhance the functionality of the conference rooms. The final setup included:

  • A Polycom Video Conferencing System for seamless remote communication.
  • NEC Multimedia Projectors and Orion Video Walls for crisp visual presentations.
  • JBL Ceiling Speakers to provide clear and consistent sound quality throughout the rooms.
  • Polyvision Interactive Boards and Wacom Interactive Tablets to promote audience engagement and interactive presentations.
  • Denon CD/DVD Players for media playback flexibility.

All these components were streamlined under an intuitive touch-panel control system, simplifying the management of various technologies within the room.

Techno Q’s comprehensive approach resulted in a multifaceted audiovisual system that has met the diverse needs of the Qatar Financial Centre Tower’s occupants. The specific objectives were achieved as follows:

  • Versatility and User-friendliness: Conference rooms could be easily configured for a variety of events, ensuring broad usability across organizational requirements.
  • Future-proof Design: The systems’ open-ended design philosophy allowed the client to envision future upgrades with minimal disruption and cost implications.
  • Focused Training Sessions: Two targeted training sessions ensured that both the IT team and support staff were well-versed in the technological capabilities and operational procedures, resulting in smooth day-to-day functioning.
  • Project: Qatar Financial Centre Commercial Tower
  • Industry: Commercial Tower
  • Award Date: 2006
  • Completion Date: 2007
  • Role: Contractor
  • Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Techno Q Project Manager: Abdulla Alansari
  • Client: Qatar Financial Center – Qatar
  • Equipment Installed: Plasma, Polycom Video Conferencing System, Panasonic Plasma Displays, NEC Multimedia Projector, Orion Video Walls, Polyvision Interactive Board, Denon CD/DVD Players, Wacom Interactive Tablets, JBL Ceiling speakers

The Qatar Financial Centre Tower’s state-of-the-art audiovisual setup by Techno Q represents a significant leap in enhancing the everyday business operations of its occupants. Not only has it delivered in terms of functionality and flexibility, but it also underscores the importance of user-focused design and the foresight to accommodate growth and technological advancement.

Through detailed planning, customization, and user training, Techno Q has established the Qatar Financial Centre Tower as a benchmark for commercial buildings seeking to implement advanced conferencing and presentation solutions efficiently and effectively.