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Techno Q's Audiovisual Integration


The American School of Doha



Project Timeline:

Award Date – January 2007

Completion Date – End of 2007

Techno Q’s Role:


Project Location:

Al Rayyan, Doha

Project Manager:

Liyakath Khan

Main Contractor:


Founded in 1997, the American School of Doha (ASD) was on a quest for expansion in 2007 to accommodate its growing student body, now topping 1300 in the Middle and High School. The expansion aimed to provide cutting-edge facilities, including advanced learning spaces, comprehensive entertainment areas, and state-of-the-art sports and arts amenities. Techno Q was entrusted with the task of elevating the school’s audiovisual capabilities to match its physical transformation.

Techno Q was deployed to enhance the audiovisual infrastructure across a variety of settings within ASD:

  • Smart Classroom Equipment: Techno Q outfitted the classrooms with modern teaching tools, including projectors, data show systems, and screens.
  • Public Announcement and Master Clock Systems: These were installed in common areas and all classrooms to ensure synchronized operations and effective communications.
  • Theatre Audiovisual and Lighting Solutions: Techno Q designed and implemented a bespoke system for the 630-seat theatre, backing a diverse array of performances from live theatre to orchestral music.

The project’s highlight is the impressive auditorium, which boasts an array of sophisticated features:

  • Advanced AV systems, supported by moving cameras, provide capabilities for live performance recordings.
  • Acoustic and reflector panels are strategically installed to optimize sound quality within the theatre.
  • A comprehensive lighting system including dimmable lights and an array of professional theatre luminaires like profiles, Fresnels, and intelligent moving heads was deployed.

Notable equipment used in the integration includes:

  • Audio Systems: JBL, Ateis, Audio Technical, BSS, DBX, Sound Craft, USL
  • System Control: Creston
  • AV Switching and Processing: Extron
  • Fly Gear: iWeiss
  • Lighting: Philips Lighting, ACME, Martin, Strand Lighting
  • Light Dimming and Control: Lutron, Zero88
  • Additional Equipment: Crown, Denon, HP, Lexicon, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo

The project was successfully completed by the end of 2007, reflecting a commitment to detailed planning and execution excellence by Techno Q’s team led by Liyakath Khan. With innovative audiovisual solutions, the American School of Doha has not only enriched its educational offerings but has also established itself as a hub for performing arts, equipped to host high-caliber events and presentations. The state-of-the-art systems installed by Techno Q empower ASD’s mission to provide an environment conducive to learning, creativity, and community engagement through interactive technology.

This case study serves as a testament to Techno Q’s proficiency in managing and executing complex AV system integrations within academic institutions, thereby enhancing the educational landscape in Doha.


Technological Transformation

In December 2007, the heart of Doha witnessed the grand opening of the luxurious La Cigale Hotel, an event that drew considerable attention and admiration. The five-star establishment, offering 240 opulent rooms and suites and an assortment of high-end amenities, became synonymous with elegance and sophistication in the hospitality industry. This case study explores the technology that powers the hotel’s impressive offerings, particularly in intelligent interior lighting, top-tier audiovisual systems, and advanced hospitality management software.

The primary objectives granted to Techno Q included:

  • Implementation of a centralized lighting control solution to manage visual environments across various hotel zones seamlessly.
  • Designation of a comprehensive audiovisual system to create bespoke acoustic experiences tailored to numerous settings within the hotel.
  • Integration of a robust hospitality management system to enhance operational efficiency, guest experience, and business intelligence capabilities.
  • Project: La Cigale Hotel
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Award Date: January 2007
  • Completion Date: December 2007
  • Role in Contract: Contractor and Subcontractor
  • Location: Al Sadd Area, Doha
  • Techno Q Project Manager: Aftab Ahmed
  • Client: La Cigale Hotel

La Cigale’s commitment to an unmatched guest experience led to the integration of the Lutron Grafic 6000, a cutting-edge lighting system that ensured fully controllable, customizable, and automated lighting scenarios. Whether for creating dramatic backdrops with thoughtfully placed shadows or setting the mood with adjusted lighting scenes, the solution provided an intuitive and scalable platform. All operations could be managed from a single control panel, revolutionizing how the staff interacted with the building’s environment.

Techno Q expertly curated the hotel’s audiovisual systems, ensuring each area, from the gym to the piano bar, maintained unique audio ambiance and sound quality. Equipment from leading brands such as Panasonic, Extron, Creston, JBL, and Drapers were carefully selected by Techno Q engineers to meet specific environmental requirements. Notably, the Terrace design featured two massive screens and high-lumen projectors, positioning it as a premier location for special events viewing.

To streamline operations further, La Cigale introduced the MICROS-Fidelio suite, encompassing Opera PMS, Micros POS, and Materials Control. This choice provided the hotel with a modular setup, perfect for the hotel’s scaling needs, and equipped management with real-time, web-based reporting for strategic decision-making. OPERA offered advanced customer relationship management, forecasting, and custom reporting tools, significantly enhancing the hotel’s operational agility and guest services.

The successful implementation of these solutions firmly positioned La Cigale Hotel as a pioneer in adopting advanced technologies in Qatar’s hospitality sector. The results included:

  • Elevated guest experiences through intelligent environment management.
  • A versatile audiovisual system catering to various events and preferences.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with an all-encompassing hospitality management solution.

La Cigale Hotel stands as a testament to the power of integrating innovative technologies into the hospitality industry. With Techno Q’s expertise and the adoption of state-of-the-art systems, La Cigale has set a new standard for luxury accommodations and continues to delight guests with its exceptional technological prowess.

  • Lighting Control: Lutron Grafic 6000
  • AV Equipment: Panasonic, Extron, Creston, JBL, Drapers
  • Hospitality Management System: MICROS-Fidelio (Opera PMS, Micros POS, Materials Control)

The conclusion of this case study finds La Cigale Hotel not only achieving its goal of becoming an exceptional establishment but also paving the way for future innovations within the hospitality industry.


Audiovisual System Installation

The MOVENPICK HOTEL aimed to enhance its customer experience by deploying state-of-the-art audiovisual and music systems across its facilities. The project’s core objective was to outfit several areas within the hotel with advanced multimedia capabilities. This case study examines the challenges, solutions, and results following the Techno Q’s execution of this ambitious project under stringent timelines.

MOVENPICK HOTEL is renowned for their commitment to providing guests with a luxurious and immersive experience. To uphold this reputation, the hotel identified the need to upgrade their audiovisual infrastructure. The expectations were high; the hotel required sophisticated systems that aligned with their elegant aesthetics while delivering on performance and user-friendliness. This was to cover a range of facilities from ball rooms and meeting rooms to restaurants and leisure areas.

The primary goals set forth for the project included:

  • Design and supply an integrated audiovisual and music system.
  • Complete installation and commissioning of these systems to a high standard.
  • Equip 3 Ball Rooms, 6 Meeting Rooms, 4 Restaurants, a Health Club, and a Swimming Pool with the necessary technology.
  • Adhere to a fast-track schedule of 20 weeks from concept to completion.
  • Ensure the systems provided are intuitive and manageable via both wired and wireless controls.

The challenges faced during the project were significant:

  • The project’s stringent timeline of 20 weeks posed a challenge for the scope of work.
  • Coordinating the installation across multiple areas without disrupting hotel operations.
  • Guaranteeing high-quality audiovisual performance in varied environments, each with its acoustical and visual peculiarities.
  • Integrating systems that are user-friendly for staff with varying levels of technical knowledge.

Techno Q approached the project through meticulous planning and execution:

  • Design Phase: Tailored designs for each area were developed to meet specific acoustic and visual criteria.
  • Supply Chain Management: Strategically sourced equipment and technology to avoid delays and meet the project’s aggressive timeline.
  • Installation: Deployed experienced technicians who worked in collaboration with the hotel’s operations teams to minimize disruption.
  • Training and Commissioning: Offered comprehensive training to hotel staff on system operation, ensuring ease of use and empowering the staff to manage the systems effectively.
  • Multimedia projectors and motorized projection screens for a crisp display in all lighting conditions.
  • Conference systems that fostered both functionality and aesthetics, catering to business clientele.
  • Control systems that enabled both wired and wireless management, facilitated through user-friendly touch-screen interfaces.

Upon completion within the 20-week deadline, MOVENPICK HOTEL possessed a suite of state-of-the-art audiovisual systems that significantly uplifted guest experience and operational efficiency:

  • Multifunctional ball rooms that could cater to both grand events and intimate gatherings with ease.
  • Meeting rooms equipped with cutting-edge conferencing systems, encouraging impactful presentations and seamless communication.
  • Restaurants, the health club, and the pool area all provided ambient music and multimedia content to enhance the atmosphere.
  • Positive feedback from guests and staff alike validated the technological leap enabled by Techno Q’s expert installments.

The MOVENPICK HOTEL’s collaboration with Techno Q resulted in an audiovisual transformation that not only met but exceeded expectations. This case study showcases the capacity for well-designed and expertly implemented technologic solutions to advance hospitality standards and enrich customer experiences even under tight deadlines.

The MOVENPICK HOTEL’s collaboration with Techno Q resulted in an audiovisual transformation that not only met but exceeded expectations. This case study showcases the capacity for well-designed and expertly implemented technologic solutions to advance hospitality standards and enrich customer experiences even under tight deadlines.

  • Strategic planning and effective project management are crucial in meeting tight deadlines for large-scale installations.
  • Investing in advanced technologies can significantly augment the guest experience in the hospitality industry.
  • Comprehensive staff training ensures the longevity and optimal use of newly installed systems.


State-of-the-Art Audiovisuals

Client: Diplomatic Club

Industry: Hospitality & Entertainment

Services Provided: Audiovisual & Presentation Equipment, Simultaneous Interpretation System, Theater Stage Lighting, Public Address System

Project Scope: Design, supply, installation, and commissioning

The Diplomatic Club, known for its exclusivity and prestige, sought to elevate the experience of its members by integrating top-tier audiovisual and presentation equipment into its facilities. Techno Q was engaged to lead this transformation, targeting several key areas within the complex including the lobby, public areas, a multi-purpose hall, a health club, and a swimming pool area.

  • To deliver a seamless audiovisual and public address experience across the Diplomatic Club facilities.
  • To install a dynamic control system for easy management of AV equipment.
  • To implement a professional simultaneous interpretation system for the multi-purpose hall.
  • To equip the theater with industry-leading stage lighting for various events.

The Diplomatic Club demanded nothing short of excellence, requiring high-performance equipment that merged effortlessly with the existing premium aesthetics of the venue. Additionally, the diverse functionality of club areas required versatile systems that could adapt to different event and audience needs. The greatest challenge lay in striking a balance between technical sophistication and user-friendly operation.

Techno Q devised a comprehensive AV and lighting solution featuring:

Lobby and Public Areas

Multimedia projectors and motorized screens were installed to facilitate information sharing and branding opportunities. The public address system was integrated to provide uninterrupted, clear background music and announcements throughout common spaces.

Multi-Purpose Hall

A sophisticated wireless conference system was configured to cater for diverse meeting and event types. High-performance projectors, screens, and a state-of-the-art simultaneous interpretation system were set up to deliver a world-class conference environment.

Health Club and Swimming Pool

The design included waterproof speakers and a robust public address system capable of delivering both ambience and high-quality audio for announcements and events, suitable for the humid and outdoor conditions of these areas.

Theater Stage Lighting and Control Systems

Advanced theater lighting systems, with a range of customizable settings, were established to support an array of performances. Wireless control systems with touchscreen functionality were deployed for straightforward technology management—giving staff the ability to modulate settings with ease.

The integration of these systems has significantly enhanced the Diplomatic Club’s capabilities to host high-profile events, deliver clear communications, and provide a superior user experience for guests and members alike. The multi-purpose hall can now accommodate international conferences requiring simultaneous translation, while entertainment areas can delight guests with exceptional sound and visual quality.

Through careful planning, state-of-the-art technology, and expert execution, Techno Q successfully met the Diplomatic Club’s demands for world-class AV systems. The project solidified the club’s status as a cutting-edge destination for diplomacy, culture, and leisure, and underscored Techno Q’s reputation for delivering bespoke, technologically advanced solutions in complex luxury environments.


High-Performance Audio Visual Solution Implementation

The Intercontinental Hotel, known for its luxurious accommodation and excellent service, aimed to elevate the experience it offers to guests and event planners by upgrading its audiovisual (AV) capabilities. This case study examines the ambitious project undertaken by Techno Q to design, supply, install, and commission sophisticated AV and music systems that cater to the various entertainment and business needs across the hotel’s diverse facilities.

The primary goal for Techno Q was to enhance the auditory and visual experience within the Intercontinental Hotel premises. This extended across several facets of the hotel’s operation:

  • Three Ballrooms: To be equipped for grand events with state-of-the-art projection and sound systems, combining elegance with technology.
  • Six Meeting Rooms: Aimed at business travelers, these spaces required reliable and intuitive conferencing equipment to facilitate effortless communication.
  • Four Restaurants: Enhancing ambiance with background music systems tailored to the dining experience.
  • Health Club and Swimming Pool: Incorporating energizing and relaxing tunes respectively, to complement the activities in these areas.

Furthermore, the project had to be completed on a very tight schedule – a mere 20 weeks – adding to the complexity and challenge for Techno Q’s team.

The major challenges involved in this project included:

  • Integrating AV systems into a luxury setting without undermining the aesthetic appeal of the hotel’s interior design.
  • Ensuring user-friendly interfaces for staff and guests with varying degrees of technical know-how.
  • Coordinating installations in multiple varied environments, each with its specific acoustic and visual requirements.
  • Working within an expedited timeline, making project management and execution efficiency key concerns.

Design and Supply

Techno Q’s solution entailed a careful selection of cutting-edge AV equipment to match the luxury and performance standards of the Intercontinental Hotel. Multimedia projectors and motorized projection screens were chosen for their high-quality image production and their ease of concealment when not in use.

Installation and Commissioning

Advanced wired and wireless control systems with intuitive touch screens were installed, ensuring that even clients without technical backgrounds could easily manage the AV settings for their events or leisure. Conference systems were set up to enable clear communication and collaboration in the meeting rooms.

Overcoming Time Constraints

To meet the project’s aggressive twenty-week timeline, Techno Q put forth a robust project management plan. This incorporated agile methodologies to adapt quickly to any unforeseen challenges. Collaboration across different teams and with hotel management was maintained at a high level throughout the process to ensure timely decision-making and execution.

The Intercontinental Hotel’s commitment to providing unparalleled experiences was supported by Techno Q’s dedicated approach to delivering a complex, high-quality AV solution on a fast track. This case study demonstrates the importance of integrating technology seamlessly into luxury environments and showcases the potential of meticulous project management to overcome stringent timelines and logistical hurdles.

Al Kass & Al Dawri TV

Streamlining Broadcast Operations

Al Kass & Al Dawri TV, a distinguished Arabic language sports channel operating under Qatar’s public broadcast network, sought to overhaul its broadcasting infrastructure with advanced video server solutions. By collaborating with Techno Q and New ATG, the channel successfully integrated a robust system that enhanced its broadcasting capabilities, offering stability, flexibility, and ease-of-use.

Founded in 2006, Al Kass & Al Dawri TV delivers high-quality sports content to its viewers. The endeavor to implement a new Video Server Solution was driven by the need to consolidate operations, ensure long-term system stability, and establish a more flexible and fault-tolerant broadcast environment.

  • To introduce an innovative Video Server System with built-in editing capabilities.
  • To ensure system reliability and fault tolerance in day-to-day operations.
  • To provide seamless support through local systems integration.
  • To facilitate staff training on new equipment and systems for sustained operations.

The project spanned from Award Date in March 2007 with Completion Date set in June 2008. Working as the contractor, Techno Q, led by Project Manager Ziad Al Kaaki, was entrusted with the entire design, implementation, training, and maintenance support.

Al Kass & Al Dawri TV’s core transformation involved integrating a Broadcast Video Server (BVS) system complemented with Final Cut Pro (FCP) software from Apple. This solution was vital for editing and managing broadcast content efficiently. The facility also included an Apple Xserve-based Storage Area Network (SAN) which significantly enhanced data handling and storage. For playout and ingest operations, the BugTV system was chosen for its industry-leading performance. Additionally, the CATDV MAM (Media Asset Management) system from Squarebox, along with Network Electronics, iMac workstations, Promise VTrack, and Qlogic completed the advanced broadcast setup.

The integration of the BVS system brought several key advantages:

  • Simplified operations, owing to NewATG’s design know-how.
  • Enhanced stability and longevity, leveraging the reliability of Mac UNIX OS.
  • Superior fault tolerance, ensuring continuous playout without interruptions.
  • Flexibility in the replacement and upgrade of components for scalable broadcasting operations.

The foresighted partnership with Techno Q and New ATG allowed Al Kass & Al Dawri TV to leap forward in broadcast technology. The TV station now enjoys a cutting-edge system that delivers impeccable performance and offers room for future expansion and technological updates. The project stands as a testament to the power of strategic planning and innovative technological integration in the broadcasting industry.

  • Project: Al Dawri & Al Kass Integration
  • Industry: Broadcast
  • Award Date: March 2007
  • Completion Date: June 2008
  • Role in Contract: Contractor
  • Location: Al Kass & Al Dawri TV, Qatar
  • Techno Q Project Manager: Ziad Al Kaaki
  • Client: Al Dawri & Al Kass
  • Project: Al Dawri & Al Kass Integration
  • Industry: Broadcast
  • Award Date: March 2007
  • Completion Date: June 2008
  • Role in Contract: Contractor
  • Location: Al Kass & Al Dawri TV, Qatar
  • Techno Q Project Manager: Ziad Al Kaaki
  • Client: Al Dawri & Al Kass